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Brandon Heath FREE Song Download

Oct 09, 2012 -- 5:50am

(Click image above to purchase album on iTunes)

Well...It's finally here. I've been waiting for you to get your ears on the rest of Brandon Heath's latest album, "Blue Mountain" since you've been enjoying the first radio song from the album, "Jesus in Disguise".

You're going to really love this album. Talk about creativity. The concept behind the album is that there is this place (fictional) called Blue Mountain and as the name suggest, you'd probably find it somewhere in the Appalachian Mountain range. Blue Mountain is home to many people, and the songs on the album coordinate with some of the people of Blue Mountain. "Jesus in Disguise" is a song from the wise man on the mountain, "Dyin' Day" is a song from the man locked up in Blue Mountain Penitentiary, "Paul Brown Petty" is a song based on Brandon's own grand-dad, and the list goes on.

The album delivers 11 songs that don't disappoint since each song is loaded with deep lyrics and fantastic sounds you'd expect out of a place called "Blue Mountain".

So...Now that you know a little more about the album, here's your FREE download of the first track to the album, "The Harvester". Available until the end of the day Monday, October 15th, 2012.


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